Pack of 10 Fallow Deer Antler Dog Chews - Save 20%

By Ace Antlers


Order 10 antlers at a time and save 20%!

Our deer antler dog chews are available in a variety of sizes and are perfect for keeping your dog occupied whilst also cleaning their teeth! They are locally sourced and completely natural as well as being cruelty free!

Fallow deer antler is soft and perfect for puppies or older dogs. We would not recommend it for aggressive chewers as it won't last long.

Available in the following sizes;

  • Small - Up to 50g approx 3 inches (7cm)
  • Medium - 50 to 100g approx 4 inches (10cm)
  • Large - 100 to 150g approx 5 inches (13cm)
  • XL - 150 to 200g approx 6 inches (16cm)
  • XXL - 200 to 250g approx 7 inches (19cm)
  • XXXL - 250g to 300g approx 8 inches (21cm)
  • XXXXL - 400g to 500g approx 9 inches (23cm)

    Why buy?

    • Locally sourced!
    • Natural product - nothing artificial!
    • Full of vitamins and minerals.
    • Cruelty free (they fall off a stag's head naturally).
    • Dogs love them!
    • Never get soggy!

    Unlike other sellers we sell by weight and not length to ensure every customer is treated fairly. This ensures every customer is given the same brilliant product at the same amazing price.