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Are Deer Antlers Safe to Chew On?

Antlers are known to be fantastic as dog chews because of their natural, long-lasting qualities. Dogs need good minerals and as antlers are packed with minerals such as phosphorus and calcium. Another bonus for antlers as dog chews is the fact that they are odorless to humans; no stinky treats being chewed on in the kitchen can make a difference to everyone!

Dogs are very independent creatures in that they know what they like, so they can be quite fussy on the types of chews that they gnaw on. Antler chews are some of the most popular out there, spanning from puppies to older dogs - but not the elderly ones. Elderly dogs should steer clear of antler chews because their teeth are prominent, and the antler chews can damage weaker teeth. Dogs love to explore the different tastes and textures of antler dog chews; to gnaw, licking, chewing and playing with them. As they have no shelf life, your dog can take their time over gnawing their antler, leaving it for months on end and coming back to it as they see fit.

Reasons To Choose Antler Chews

There are plenty of reasons that antler treats are a fantastic choice for your dogs, and here they are:

  • 100% natural; nothing has been made in a factory or added to the chews.
  • It is packed with minerals that occur naturally, including Ash, Phosphorous, Magnesium, Protein, Fibre, Calcium, Iron, Sodium, and Potassium.
  • Not made as the exact same material as normal bone, as they are harder than the regular type. This makes them far less likely to splinter off into the mouth of your dog, lasting longer than the rawhide and vegetable starch chews.
  • Antler chews are good for your dog's teeth as they don't fill the gaps in the teeth. Their chewing on the antler grinds it down slowly, and the gnawing helps to keep their teeth healthy and clean.
  • Dogs who need to have a controlled diet and those with sensitive tummies will benefit from having antlers, as their natural properties mean that they possess are right for them.
  • Chewing on antlers is good for dogs, as it helps to keep their teeth healthy and clean, and free of plaque. It also helps them to expend their energy and keeps them out of trouble! There's no need for your dog to chew your favorite wooden chair legs if they have antler chews to gnaw on. Dogs need to be kept happy and calm, and chewing releases a lot of positive chemicals from their brains, keeping them happy and content while they enjoy their chew. Wild dogs have been chewing on antlers as well as other smaller animals for centuries, and they're not about to stop any time soon.

Antler contains a ton of useful materials for dogs, and these include:

  • Collagen. It's good for bones, tendons, ligaments and cartilage development, supporting them and making them secure.
  • Lipids. These are essential for the growth and development of the dog.
  • Glucosamine. Good for joints and tissues, glucosamine helps to keep bones healthy and supple in the same way it does humans.
  • Calcium and phosphorous. These minerals benefit the dog's bones and teeth, keeping them growing and healthy.
  • Iron. An essential for healthy blood cell growth, iron is packed into the antlers and is fantastic for the continued health and movement of the dog.
  • Potassium. Potassium is great for nerve and muscle function, and dog's need potassium to function well.
  • Magnesium. As dogs are energetic beasts, which means that they need all the help that they can get to release energy and magnesium does exactly this. It aids in storing and releasing energy properly.

Why Antler Treats Are Good For You, Too!

Antlers are great for dogs, but they are also useful for us humans and here's why:

  • With little to no odor to humans, there's no worry about treats making your home smell funky. The scent to dogs, on the other hand, is delicious and they love it!
  • As antlers are hardened, they don't splinter or break into pieces. This means that antler chews are not messy like some other chews are.
  • Unlike other dog chews, antler dog chews have no shelf life, which means that they are sensitive for your wallet! You won't have to keep buying new ones because they take time to gnaw down. Other brands like rawhide, starch sticks, pigs ears, and other starchy chews break down faster, and antler chews don't!
  • You can rest assured that you haven't given your dog a treat that has been pumped with additives and other chemicals, so you can feel secure that you've bought the best chew for your dog.

Antler Chews: 100% Natural

Antler dog chews and treats work well from puppy age and up, and they are cut from naturally shed deer antlers. These are the antlers shed from healthy deer that are free-range and are as nature intended them to be. They're the healthy alternative to rawhide, chemically processed, human-made chews.

Deer grow new pairs of antlers each year from a year old, and each antler set sheds in the early spring. Antlers are unique to the deer family and are made up of a material that regenerates every year and are present on sixty kinds of moose, deer, and elk. Even caribou have antlers to shout about! Beginning as layers of cartilage, antlers grow from pedicles on the skull and slowly mineralize into bone over time. When antlers mineralize entirely, they are very hard, totally natural and the dog chews that come from them are cut into the right shape to prevent choking. There are suggested chew sizes for different breeds, but as long as you find the size that suits your dog, you can let them get to work on it.

Always be mindful of your dog while they are using a dog chew, as they are a choking hazard when too small. Every dog should be gnawing and biting and playing with their dog chew - not choking on it.