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Antler Exports


We can now export red deer antler (Cervus Elaphus) or fallow antler (Dama Dama). We provide an export health certificate with every shipment and can transport it to a port of your choice within the UK.

A standard pallet 2.1-2.4m high can hold a maximum of 300kg net. Our pallets are enclosed plastic containers for safety and biosecurity.

Exported antler is washed and disinfected with a DEFRA approved disinfectant. For additional sterilisation we can also steam antler.

The following rates apply for uncut antler exports, excluding transport;

  • 100kg - £30/kg
  • 200kg - £29/kg
  • 300kg - £28/kg
  • 400kg - £27/kg
  • 500kg - £26/kg
  • 600kg - £25/kg

If you are interested in cut antler for export please see our white label page for prices.

To discuss your requirements please contact us.