VAT on our goods

Further to a telephone call with the HMRC on 4th December 2019 at 13.01 we can confirm our deer antler and buffalo horn are zero rated for VAT because they are not packaged, prepared or canned. The following information outlines the VAT status;

VFOOD8520 (pdf)

"It is essential to remember that not all pet foods are standard-rated: only those which are canned, packaged or prepared. See VFOOD8580."


VFOOD8580 (pdf)

"Once you have established that a product is a pet food, is it then necessary to decide whether it is canned, packaged or prepared before it is ruled to be standard-rated.

Packaged means pre-packed for retail sale in any sealed bag, carton or other container of 12.5 kilograms or less.

If you simply put loose produce in a plain paper or polythene bag at the point of sale, it is not packaged. This applies whether the bag is filled after your customer has bought it, or ahead of time in anticipation of sale."