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Own Label Deer Antler Dog Chews (White Label)

Many of our retail partners purchase our products wholesale and are delighted to have Ace Antlers in their inventory, benefitting from a five star rated brand with great margins.

However, some wish to take that next step and develop their own brand, benefitting from even greater margins.

Current Rates

The following rates apply for whole antler, split antler and fallow antler;

  • 100kg - £35/kg
  • 200kg - £34/kg
  • 300kg - £33/kg
  • 400kg - £32/kg
  • 500kg - £31/kg
  • 600kg - £30/kg

Types and Sizes

  • Small (whole or split) weighing 40-70g.
  • Medium (whole, split or fallow) weighing 70-100g.
  • Large (whole, split or fallow) weighing 100-150g.
  • XL (whole, split or fallow) weighing 150-200g.
  • XXL (whole or split) weighing 200-250g.
  • XXXL (whole or split) weighing 250-300g.
  • XXXXL (whole or split) weighing 400-500g.
  • Monster (whole) weighing 600-700g.

Conditions of Sale

  • Invoice and payment by bank transfer in advance.
  • Orders are non-refundable when complete. A 30% charge will apply for cancelled orders during production.
  • Items are non-refundable unless faulty.
  • Turnaround time is 2-6 weeks depending on volume and time of year.
  • Orders can be mixed but must be in multiples of 20kg per size.
  • Whole small and medium sizes can only make up 20% of your order.
  • Shipping is included.
  • No labels are included or affixed to the antler.
  • You'll be able to pack and display the products how you like, however we recommend adopting our method to sell VAT free.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.