Deer Antler Powder for Dogs

Deer Antler Powder for Dogs

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We cut a lot of deer antler, and in doing so generate a lot of powder. Antler is packed full of goodness including 40% protein and is perfect to supplement your dog's nutrition. Deer shed their antlers yearly so this product is completely natural and cruelty free!

Per 100g our deer antler powder contains;

  • 21g calcium for strong bones.
  • 10g phosphorus for health kidney function.
  • 26mg magnesium for energy production.
  • 998ppm iron for healthy blood.

Not all dogs can chew antlers and some owners want to control their diet's making antler powder a perfect dog food supplement.

Our antler powder comes in handy, recycleable shakers for easy use. We also give you 250g, a much larger amount than our competitors! Simple sprinkle a desired amount on your dog's food and serve.