White Label / Own Label Deer Antler Dog Chews and Buffalo Horn Dog Chews

Many of our retail partners purchase our products wholesale and are delighted to have Ace Antlers in their inventory, benefitting from a five star rated brand with great margins. However, some wish to take that next step and develop their own brand.

By partnerning with us you'll have access to our full inventory which is sourced within the UK and Europe with full traceability. Aside from mandatory legal text on the outside of 20kg boxes you'll be able to pack and display the products how you like, however we recommend adopting our method to sell VAT free. You will benefit from larger margins so you can sell to retailers and both make a reasonable profit.

The minimum order point is 100kg and you can expect to pay £9/kg for buffalo horn and £34/kg for deer antler. On average the price reduces by £1/kg for every additional 100kg bought.

For small orders you can select a single size but on larger orders (200kg+) you may be asked to select multiple sizes. The turnaround time is usually 2-4 weeks and invoices must be paid in advance by bank transfer.

Due to ongoing issues with Brexit, high freight rates and currency fluctuations prices can rise and fall slightly.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.